About Machine Translation

Medical translation is highly professional, involving a large number of professional vocabulary and medical terms, which requires unlimited expansion of their own medical corpora and terminologies. Our AI technology has accumulated a lot in big data, natural semantic analysis, machine learning and deep neural network. Our engine is based on billion level medical massive data and algorithms, which can deeply understand and optimize the translation system of medical sub fields (such as preclinical, clinical, drug production, pharmacovigilance, diagnostic equipment, experimental consumables, etc.), and continuously maintain the breadth and coverage of medical industry knowledge. Applying AI to medical translation can not only reduce costs, but also improve efficiency and accuracy.

Technical Advantages


Big Data

On the basis of massive medical data, we have crawled 200 million corpus items.


Training Data

Closed-loop learning training, which will translate better and better in the process of using.


Machine Learning

Continuous verification of machine translation models by deep learning.


Refined Algorithms

Combination with language rules in medical field to get more refined algorithms.


Translation Accuracy

Translators of similar sentences can refer to each other to ensure consistent translation. Be loyal to the original text as much as possible and keep the semantic consistency. Enhance the readability and ensure the professionalism of the translation results. Use documents translated before to train model and obtain more accurate translation.


AI and Expert Calibration

Deep integration, medical machine translation and intelligent technology, to build a business model of human-computer mutual assistance. The industry's accumulated management system and quality assurance system fully guarantee the rapid and high-quality delivery of the project The AI medical translation team, which has been screened and strictly examined at all levels, meets the characteristics of different projects and the requirements of customers

Translation Services in All Medical Fields

Clinical documents
Pharmaceutical documents
Non clinical documents
Medical device documents
Basic Medicine translation
Clinical medicine translation
Medical Records


Data Security

Provide customized solutions for clients.
Data security can be guaranteed in the whole process.

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