Ion Channels Assays

Ion channels regulate a wide range of physiological processes including rapid electrical signaling, fluid, hormone and transmitter secretion, and proliferation. Ion channel screening assays applying traditional and high throughput screening (HTS) technologies have been utilized for drug R&D. HTS methods for ion channels include: the ligand binding assay, flux-based assay, fluorescence-based assay and automated electrophysiological assay.

Ion Channels

Figure 1 Ion Channels

Ligand Binding Assays

Flux-Based Assays

Fluorescence-Based Assays

Automated Electrophysiological Assays

Our Ion Channel Screening Services

The development of ion channel screening technologies has met most needs for drug discovery. In order to successfully implement improved ion channel screening assays that provide pharmacologically relevant data, it is critical to carefully evaluate and control a variety of assay parameters. Our scientists in MedAI can advise on the best high-throughput screening (HTS) approach for your ion channel assay, for screening and profiling ion channel targets, including major cardiac, central nervous system (CNS), and peripheral nervous system (PNS) channels.

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