Antibody Modeling Service

Antibody Modeling Service

As the main force of biological drugs, antibody drugs are developing into a large class of new diagnostic and therapeutic drugs in the international drug market due to their high specificity, effectiveness and safety. They are increasingly becoming a treatment method for many important diseases, including cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. The molecular simulation technology has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry twice in the past 20 years, and it has become an important method for understanding and solving complex scientific and engineering problems in the field of life sciences. The rational design of antibody drugs with the help of molecular simulation technology has become a new trend in the development of therapeutic antibodies in the future, and its important role has been increasingly manifested.

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MedAI, as an expert in molecular simulation and molecular design in the field of life sciences, can not only provide antibody developers with an easy-to-use antibody modeling environment. MedA can use the antibody structure as a starting point to optimize the efficacy and drug development of antibodies as therapeutic drugs, thereby assisting the development of new antibody drugs, improving antibody druggability, accelerating the antibody development cycle, and reducing R&D costs.

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Project name Antibody Modeling Service
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  • Annotation of antibody sequence: annotation of antibody heavy and light chain variable regions, constant regions, and CDR regions, and recognition of antibody Gemline genes;
  • Analysis of antibody sequence: prediction of antibody post-translational modification sites (such as glycosylation sites, etc.), and antigen linear epitope prediction;
  • Prediction and optimization of antibody structure, prediction of full-length antibody, antibody Fab region, and scFv structure;
  • Antibody-antigen interaction prediction, antigen conformation epitope recognition;
  • Design and modification of antibody molecules: antibody affinity maturation, antibody stability optimization, bispecific antibody design, antibody drug-ability evaluation, antibody humanization modification.
Cycle Depends on the time you need to simulate and the time required for the system to reach equilibrium.
Product delivery mode The simulation results provide you with the raw data and analysis results of molecular dynamics.
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The current common computational antibody design method starts with the modeling of antibodies and antibody-antigen complexes. Select antibody sequences for antigen binding experiments, for example, bind to soluble antigens or cell-expressed antigens, and further optimize the conjugates through affinity maturation methods MedAI's antibody modeling service can reduce the cost of subsequent experiments. Antibody modeling service is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Before determining the corresponding analysis plan and price, each project needs to be evaluated. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.


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