How can we bring hope and health to more patients by turning innovative research into medicines for the world's most challenging diseases? Protheragen Inc. was created to solve this problem. Because actions speak louder than words, we have decided to join force for the translational medicine by connecting bench to bedside. Recently founded, Protheragen grows quickly with the help of many scientists in the company. We value virtues and talented researchers, so we love projects that came up by teams with good character. By placing people at the center of each project, Protheragen pursues a flexible and unique business concept that revolves around the research needs of the researchers. Protheragen serves as an incubator for many early stage drug development programs towards commercialization. Along the way, we also help bridging investments and life-changing innovations.


● MedAI

MedAI provides AI solutions to the pharma and biotechnology companies to enable streamlined R&D efforts. Our team of structural biologists, medical chemists, and machine learning experts are outstanding.

Our advanced AI platform enriches precision medicine to create and execute new promises to cut costs and development time substantially. We have comprehensive capabilities to provide a broad and integrated portfolio of medical and scientific solutions. We aspire to be pioneers in this field by continuously inventing and deploying new artificial intelligence technologies.


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