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We have pioneered a new approach to partnering with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop effective new drugs.

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Graph learning and graph theory

Data Analysis

Data science and AI are of existential importance to big pharma.

Our Missions

MedAI’s scientists seek innovative solutions for drug discovery and life science research. We integrate AI technologies in every step of the drug discovery process: from early discovery to late stage clinical development. Our platform has been applied successfully in the context of collaboration with multiple pharma, biotech, and academia.

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Deep Learning System

Artificial Intelligence
Enables new drug discovery, shortens the research and development time of new drugs, reduces the cost of new drug research and development, and improves the success rate of new drug research and development.

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About Us

MedAI provides AI solutions to the pharma and biotechnology companies to enable streamlined R&D efforts. Our team of structural biologists, medical chemists, and machine learning experts are outstanding.

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